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More or less we all know that Python is a Programming language. Python is a high level Programming Language used in a wide variety of Applications. Python is a interpreted language. Its a easy to learn Programming Language. In every development courses you can get some idea on C & C++ language. But it is always better to learn Python Language also. For this reason we, at SMC Academy has started sharing basic tips on “Python Programming”. You can follow our blogs regulary to learn more about such languages. Hope you’ll be able to gain knowledge from here.

Python Programming  is like fun Play. It’s easier to understand and write . Below We Written a simple code:-


a = 5

b =9

sum = a + b



Even if you have never learned any programming Language before, then also you can easily guess that this program adds two numbers and prints it.

In this Program  a & b are two variable.  Here, 5 & 9  are stored in this variable.

variables a and b are added using + operator. The result is stored in another variable sum.

The print() function prints the output to the screen.

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