SMC Academy
Spoken English

We have a brilliant faculty of veteran teachers to provide the best of their knowledge in the most appetizing form so as to enable the candidates to absorb it easily .So whether you wish to enhance your basic spoken English level, or learn professional English, corporate English, our experts here can help reach your goal.

Our spoken English reaching methods involve state-of-the-art language learning methods. The infrastructure of the classes is designed keeping in mind the purpose of the students. The classes have all the basic amenities required to keep the students engaged and to keep them motivated. Starting from the basic spoken English classes to the classes to learn professional English, you can find here almost everything.

Subject Coaching

SMC ACADEMY an ultimate name in the field of Academics. An ultimate solution for all the
educational problems of your child. Our mission is to induce the long lost enthusiasm for
education in a child.
We don’t believe in studying for the sake of studying. We try to develop love between the
student and the subject so that he/she is never afraid of the subject.
We not only try to improve the marks of the student but also solidify his/her base. we make
the child understand each and every concept thoroughly.

In a nutshell SMC Academy & its Faculty makes a Serious effort in base building of the candidate so as education becomes a matter of interest rather than terror.

Why we learn Java Programming

There are several reasons why learning Java programming can be beneficial:

Popularity: Java is one of the most widely used programming languages in the world, and is commonly used in a variety of industries, including finance, healthcare, and technology. As a result, learning Java can open up many job opportunities.

Platform independence: Java is designed to be platform-independent, which means that code written in Java can run on any platform that has a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) installed, making it an ideal choice for developing cross-platform applications.

Object-oriented programming: Java is an object-oriented programming language, which means that it provides a powerful set of tools and features for writing reusable and modular code.

Community support: Java has a large and active community of developers who share their knowledge and expertise through online forums, conferences, and other resources, making it easy to get help and learn new things.

High-performance: While Java is an interpreted language, it is also known for its high-performance, especially when used in combination with modern hardware and software architectures.

Overall, learning Java programming can be a valuable skill for anyone interested in software development or programming, and can open up many career opportunities in a variety of industries.

Why we learn Python Programming

Python is a high-level, general-purpose programming language that is widely used in various fields such as web development, data science, artificial intelligence, scientific computing, and more. Learning Python programming can offer several benefits, including:

Easy to Learn: Python has a simple and easy-to-read syntax, making it an ideal language for beginners.

Versatile: Python can be used for a wide range of tasks, from web development to data analysis, machine learning, and more.

High Demand: Python is one of the most popular programming languages, with a growing demand for skilled Python developers in various industries.

Large Community: Python has a large and supportive community of developers and users, making it easier to find resources and help when needed.

Portable: Python code can run on multiple platforms, including Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Open-Source: Python is open-source, meaning it's free to use, distribute, and modify. This makes it accessible to anyone who wants to learn and use it.

Overall, learning Python programming can open up various career opportunities and provide a solid foundation for further learning in the field of computer science.


Why we learn Advanced Excel

Advanced Excel is a powerful tool that can help individuals and businesses in many ways. Some of the reasons why people learn Advanced Excel are:

Improved Efficiency: Advanced Excel allows users to automate repetitive tasks and streamline their workflows, saving time and increasing productivity.

Better Data Analysis: With Advanced Excel, users can manipulate and analyze large datasets with ease, allowing them to make more informed decisions.

Improved Reporting: Advanced Excel provides users with the ability to create detailed and customizable reports, making it easier to present complex data in a clear and concise manner.

Enhanced Visualization: Advanced Excel offers a range of powerful data visualization tools, allowing users to create engaging and informative charts, graphs, and other visuals.

Increased Career Opportunities: Many jobs require advanced Excel skills, and learning Advanced Excel can open up new career opportunities and increase earning potential.

Overall, learning Advanced Excel can improve efficiency, enhance data analysis and reporting, provide better visualization of data, and open up new career opportunities.